Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Picking Characters For Your Book"

How to Pick a Character's Name When Writing a Book

By Andrew Wolter,

Picking the right names for the characters in your novel is just as important as the other elements of your book, including plot, structure and viewpoint. Names make impressions Choosing a good name for your character allows your audience to identify with your creation and is one of the deciding factors in successful characterization of a novel. With thousands of names available. it's important to pick the right name to bring your character to life.

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Identify the genre of your book Knowing the category of fiction you're writing impacts the name of your character. For example, you wouldn't use the name "Igor" as your hero in a romance novel However, it's a perfect fit for a scary tale.

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Base your character name on the era in which your book is set. If your book takes place during the Victorian era, "Percy" is an appropriate name, while it is not a
Not a good fit for a modern hero.

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Know your character. Create an outline of your character's background. Include key information that relates to the character's financial upbringing ethnicity and defining traits. For example, you wouldn't name your character "Valencia" if she was born to a poor, family in the Deep South of the U.S.

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Acknowledge your character's likes dislikes, strengths and weaknesses This helps in understanding a character's attitude and outlook on

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Research the etymology of your character's name, and understand the meaning of the name to which you will be giving to your character Since the name "Crystal" means brilliant, clear thought in French, it would be a good fit for your character if she seeks logical resolutions under duress.

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Choose a name that allows a nickname for your character. This allows the reader to identify with your character as a real person Perhaps a child named "Susan" likes pastries and is referred to by her father as " Suzy Q".

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