Friday, December 20, 2013

Hosting A Linky Party

       Hosting A Blog Party
        By: Fluster Buster

To host any type of successful party there are a few simple guidelines that need to be followed Planning - Work out all of the details catchy name and theme allow? Recipes, crafts, DIY projects other linky parties, etc Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly it end? attendance? Follow your blog, add a link to your party, view other party links.


Keep it simple! To much information leads people to link and run. You want them to stay a while and view the other posts that contains your party's name and when it starts.
Having the coding with the button allows other bloggers to easily display your button on their blog. Hip Chick has an easy to follow tutorial so you can create your own button and coding.


Send invitations to people on your email list or by visiting other blogs a new party specific -
When it starts.
When it ends.
Where it is.
What they can link.

Party Games

that they will want to come back for the next party views on next weeks party links this will make them want to come to your next party. Featured bloggers can display on their blog.

Thank YouNotes

Thank your guests by visiting their linked post and leaving a comment.

Link be sure to send a thank you note via email.

Helpful Tips

For the Party be sure to start it on the same day and time every week.

Being inconsistent is a sure way to have people lose interest in your party.

They have better things to do than to keep checking your blog to see if the party started yet party link on the post that they are linking to or their side bar.

This wil help with both yours and their SEO(search engine optimization ranking.

Party pages don't get as much traffic as the actual linked post does; so it doesn't really help yours or their SEO ranking especially if you have run into a creative dry spell.
There is a lot of inspiration that can be found in those links for you.

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