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Giveaway...secret.word.....5 & 6

Secret word 5 & 6 for the Giveaway!

Hurt & Resentment

New Year's Resolutions!

As the New Year approaches, many are making their New Year Resolutions in hopes of achieving their goals and becoming a better person.
Some will stick to it and others will stop trying all together after only a few months.
" What are some of the top resolutions made?"

1.Lose Weight

2. Stop Smoking

3. Save money

4. Better Job

5. Get Married (singles)

6. Make more time for yourself.

7. Eat Healthier

8. Excercise More

9. Less Stress

10. Stop Drinking

11.Enjoy life more....

These are just a few of the resolutions made yearly.

"What are your plans for the New Year?"

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Secret Word 3....Giveaway

Day 3 of the Gift Bag Giveaway

Todays word is:


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The secret word of the day is:


Day two of the Gift Bag Giveaway!

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"Gift Bag Giveaway"

" Gift Bag Giveaway"

Books & Chocolate will be hosting a gift bag giveaway, filled all types if goodies.

In order to be eligible for this giveaway you have to be a follower of Books & Chocolate Book Blog.

This gift bag includes:

The book "No One Cared"
Bath & Body Works
Starbucks Coffee
Bath Loofah
& Chocolates

This giveaway will run from December 23-31, 2013. 

At anytime that you hit follow Books & Chocolate, in the time frame, inbox me on Facebook and say follow, and give me the secret word of the day for your chance to win.

I will post a secret word everday on. Books & Chocolate.

At the end of the giveaway I will let you know what the secret words pertain to.

Two winners will be chosen, and announced on New Year's!!!!!

Let the giveaway begin.

Gift Bag Giveaway.....word of the day!

The first word for the giveaway is:


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Hosting A Linky Party

       Hosting A Blog Party
        By: Fluster Buster

To host any type of successful party there are a few simple guidelines that need to be followed Planning - Work out all of the details catchy name and theme allow? Recipes, crafts, DIY projects other linky parties, etc Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly it end? attendance? Follow your blog, add a link to your party, view other party links.


Keep it simple! To much information leads people to link and run. You want them to stay a while and view the other posts that contains your party's name and when it starts.
Having the coding with the button allows other bloggers to easily display your button on their blog. Hip Chick has an easy to follow tutorial so you can create your own button and coding.


Send invitations to people on your email list or by visiting other blogs a new party specific -
When it starts.
When it ends.
Where it is.
What they can link.

Party Games

that they will want to come back for the next party views on next weeks party links this will make them want to come to your next party. Featured bloggers can display on their blog.

Thank YouNotes

Thank your guests by visiting their linked post and leaving a comment.

Link be sure to send a thank you note via email.

Helpful Tips

For the Party be sure to start it on the same day and time every week.

Being inconsistent is a sure way to have people lose interest in your party.

They have better things to do than to keep checking your blog to see if the party started yet party link on the post that they are linking to or their side bar.

This wil help with both yours and their SEO(search engine optimization ranking.

Party pages don't get as much traffic as the actual linked post does; so it doesn't really help yours or their SEO ranking especially if you have run into a creative dry spell.
There is a lot of inspiration that can be found in those links for you.

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Majra, By Author J.Simon Book Blast $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Book Blast $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

Hosted By Lady Reader Book Stuff

The Lucky Winner Could Be You!

MAJRA (Majra, #1) by J. Simon

Synopsis"In distant Sa'bahr, divinely inspired lunatics spend their lives inscribing every story ever told upon the backs of giant tortoises. The tortoises spend their lives weeping, for they cannot read the wondrous tales written upon their own backs..."

Aris has managed to live a quiet life, even in a stark desert land of glorious tales and beautiful lies, crazed artists and mad hermits. So what if he has a knack for tales? A mere messenger can't change the world Mighty great works he'll leave to mighty great men Now the soldiers of Majra have come to pacify his "savage" people. Few dare stand against them.

Certainly Aris never meant to. Taking work with the inavders was a way to help his family, not gain insights into the alien ways of their singular truth Beset by beguiling widows and vengefu plutocrats, firebrand Sheyks and sword-tongued maidens, the choices Aris faces could save his land—or break it.

Author Bio published in magazines and anthologies ranging from Baen's Universe to Writers of the Future This surely indicates a lapse by the Guardians of Taste, and inquiries are being made.

 There is also a very smal chance that nuclear test fallout has transformed J Simon into a gigantic nuclear starfish poised to attack Tokyo, but these reports have yet to be confirmed.

Rafflecopter Giveaway

$25 Gift Card Giveaway!

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Books Available At:

Smashwords < https:// 351026 > |

Amazon< http:// 1492252190/ >

Goodreads < book/show/18427374-majra >

Run To You...Cover Reveal...By Clara Kensie

The Anticipated Cover Reveal
      By Author Clara Kensie

RUN TO YOU PART ONE: FIRST SIGHT(available February 1, 2014

Part One in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that wil transcend secrets, lies and danger…

Sarah Spencer has a secret: her rea name is Tessa Carson, and to stay alive, she can tell no one the truth about her psychically gifted family and the danger they are running from. As the new girl in the latest of countless schools, she also runs from her attraction to Tristan Walker—after all, she can't even tell him her real name. But Tristan won't be put off by a few secrets. Not even dangerous ones that might rip Tessa from his arms before they even kiss…

RUN TO YOU PART TWO: SECOND GLANCE(available February 8, 2014

Part Two in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that wil transcend secrets, lies and danger…

Tessa Carson has unlocked her heart and her secrets to Tristan Walker—but Tristan has secrets of his own, and his might just mean the end of Tessa's family. Unaware, Tessa embraces falling in love and being herself for the first time since she was attacked when she was only eight years old. But secrets can't be run from forever, and sometimes love is too good to be true....

RUN TO YOU PART THREE: THIRD CHARM(available February 15, 2014

Part Three in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that wil transcend secrets, lies and danger…

Betrayed, heartbroken, and determined to save her family, Tessa Carson refuses to give in to Tristan Walker's pleas for forgiveness. But her own awakening psychic gift won't let her rest until she uncovers the truth about her family and her past. And Tristan is the only one who can help her sift through the secrets to find the truth hidden in all the lies… 19193490-run-to-you-part-three

About the Author Clara Kensie grew up near Chicago reading every book she could find and using her diary to write stories about a girl with psychic powers who solved mysteries.
She purposely did not hide her diary, hoping someone would read it and assume she was writing about herself. Since then, she's swapped her diary for a computer and admits her characters are fictional but otherwise she hasn't changed one bit.

Today Clara is the author of romantic paranormal thrillers for young adults. Her first book, RUN TO YOU, a super-sized three-part serial from HarlequinTEEN, begins February 1 2014 with weekly releases. The sequel also a super-sized three-part serial.

Begins June 1 2014 Her favorite foods are guacamole and cookie dough. But not together. That would be gross.

Author links:

htttps:// show/7350533.Clara_Kensie AuthorClaraKensie

Cover Reveal Organized by YA Bound Book Tours < http://

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Author Julianna Scott Book Blitz

Authoress Julianna Scott Book Blitz

The Seers & The Holders


17-year-old Becca spent her whole life protecting her brother from, well everything. The abandonment of their father, the so called 'experts' who insist that voices in his head are unnatural and must be dealt with, and the constant threat of being taken away to some hospital and studied like an animal.

When two representatives appear claiming to have the answers to Ryland's perceived problem, Becca doesn't buy it for one second. That is Ryland and about Becca and Ryland's family, that forces Becca to concede that there may be more to these people than meets the eye. Though still highly skeptical, Becca agrees to do what's best for Ryland What they find at St. Brigid's is a world beyond their imagination. Little by little they piece together the information of their family's heritage their estranged Father, and the legend of the Holder race that decrees Ryland is the one they've been waiting for.

However, they are all--especially Becca--in for a surprise that will change what they thought they knew about themselves and their kind She meets Alex, a Holder who is fiercely loyal to their race, and for some reason, Becca and Ryland. There's an attraction between Becca and Alex that can't be denied, but her true nature seems destined to keep them apart.

However, certain destinies may not be as clear cut as everyone has always believed them to be Becca is lost, but found at the same time Can she bring herself to leave Ryland now that he's settled and can clearly see his future? Will she be able to put the the feelings she has for Alex aside and head back to the US? And can Becca and Ryland ever forgive their father for what he's done?

Goodreads Links The Holders: https:// 13579352-the-holders The Seers: book/show/17457717-the-seers Buy

Links for The Holders Amazon ebook/dp/B009Y3ON7A/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1381767629&sr=8 1&keywords=the+holders+julianna+scott

Amazon UK ebook/dp/B00BOYK6NM/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1381779518&sr=8 1&keywords=the+holders+julianna+scott

B&N holders-julianna-scott/1112030710? ean=9781908844439

Chapters holders/9781908844439-item.html? ikwid=The+Holders+Julianna+Scott&ikwsec

Please Note:

Pre-Order Links for The Seers: (Note: We are trying to keep people away from B&N from Pre-Orders, at lest for now. for some reason they got the wrong synopsis and the one they have up as a HUGE spoiler in it, so unti they get it fixed, we are not posting any preorder links for B&N. Thanks!)

Praise for Series

"The twisty plot and swoony romance of The Seers kept me turning the pages as I fell in love with Becca and Alex al over again."

Trisha Wolfe, author of Fireblood

"It had a gripping plot, plenty of exciting twists and turns and some pretty fantastic characters which al combined to keep me glued to the pages."

A Dream of Books

"If this is any notion of what Julianna Scott can do, I cannot wait to see what is next. The Holders was refreshing and just one heck of a good read."

The Book Cellar"

I am so thankful this is only the beginning of a series because I couldn't imagine not being able to read a continuation of Becca's story. The Holdersis a novel too entertaining and emotionally charged to pass up!"

Lovey Dovey Books

The Seers 2 Excerpt:

I didn't mean to gawk, or blush, or get a goofy grin on my face, but as he stood there just inside the archway of the alcove I'm pretty sure I did al three. Though in my defence, I couldn't help it –  he looked amazing. I'd never thought of Alex as "hot," or"gorgeous," or any of the other terms that a lot of girls my age used to describe a good looking guy.

That isn't to say that Alex wasn't any of those things, or that I didn't find him attractive, as I did. Very much so, in fact His dark blonde hair was always styled, he dressed very well, and his eyes – which had always been my favourite feature – were the most amazingly clear shade of storm cloud blue you could imagine. The thing was that the specifics of his appearance weren't usually what came to mind when I thought about him. He was Alex. It had never mattered what he looked like And while it still didn't matter, I was not about to pretend like I didn't notice. He was wearing a black tux like shirt and black tie, Alex's tie and shirt were black, and he also had a charcoal gray vest on under his jacket. His cuffs were French, his shoes shone as though they were new, and across his chest lay the same green sash Not going to lie, there was definitely a flush rising up my neck…

Though red as I was, oddly enough, Alex's
didn't blush at all. I'd have thought with me ogling him the way was, that his ears would be ablaze but then again, he seemed far too preoccupied to notice the way I was looking at him. Preoccupied… looking at me. His eyes clung to me like condensation on a glass, with an expression that seemed to hover between anger and fear – though deep down knew it was neither. Still, I couldn't help but feel self-conscious

Why didn't he say anything?
Was he upset? Did he not like the dress?
Was something wrong?
I took a breath to speak, but before could find my voice he was coming straight toward me. He didn't look around, didn't check the hall, or so much as shift his eyes away from mine as he crossed the small alcove in three strides, took my face in his hands and kissed me

And dear God… what a kiss…

His mouth moved against mine with more passion than I'd ever felt from him before. His right hand slid up into my hair and gently but firmly held my mouth to his, while his left dropped to my waist and pulled me tightly against him. His fervour poured over me like boiling water over ice melting me down to my core. I had no idea what had come over him, but whatever it was, it was hot, it was intense and if he wasn't careful, it was going to bring me to my knees.

But what hit me the hardest wasn't his sudden hunger or intensity, but the hint of something deeper, driving like an undercurrent beneath his passion It was something I'd never seen from him before, but unmistakable all the same.


Alex had never been a dominant or outspoken person in general, but conscious or not, something in him was definitely sending a message: "She is mine." It may have only been implied but it was definitely there, and the very idea sent a tingling shiver across my skin as I gripped the lapels of his jacket with a throaty sigh. The message was raw, it was primal, and above all else, it was true: I was his. And he was mine. The fact that we had to hide it around these people didn't make it any less valid. We belonged to one another.


A few short seconds later he pulled back with a husky breath, resting his forehead against mine for a moment before releasing me and stepping back slowly, his eyes glowing. He hadn't said a word – he hadn't needed to. smiled, hoping he saw the "I love you" in my eyes. His answering smile told me he did.

About the Author:

Pennsylvania, and spent the majority of her educational career convinced she would be a musician. However, after receiving her music degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, she realized that she'd been born in the wrong era for her dreams of singing jazz to adoring fans clad in zoot-suits and flapper dresses to come true and began to wonder if her true calling might be elsewhere.

While Julianna had always excelled in writing throughout school, she'd never considered it a career possibility until about three years ago, when she'd gotten her first story idea and decided to go for it. She grabbed her laptop, started typing away, and has never looked back.

Author Links show/5806079.Julianna_Scott

Rafflecopter Giveaway Code:

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As a special gift to anyone who pre orders The Seers, we are giving away a free e-book with several scenes from The Holders written from different character's points of view! All you have to do to get yours is pre-order The Seers, then email your receipt or other proof of purchase to Julianna Scott at, and she will send you the and she will send you the e-novella in the format of your choosing That's it! And if you have already pre-ordered The Seers, not to worry! Send your receipt along, and you'll get your copy too

Book Blitz Organized by YA Bound Book Tours

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Twelve Steps Cover Reveal By: Veronica Bartles

The Anticipated Novel, Cover Reveal for Twelve Steps by: Authoress Veronica Bartles is finally here!

Twelve Steps by Veronica Bartles

Release Date: 03/25/14 Book

Summary Sixteen-year-old Andi is tired of being a second-class sibling to perfect sister Laina. There in Laina's shadow Andi's only noticeable feature is her pretty awesome hair. And even that is eclipsed by Laina's perfect everything else When Andi's crush asks her to fix him up with Laina, Andi decides enough is enough and devises a twelve-step program to wrangle the spotlight away from Laina. After all, great hair must count for something

Step 1:

Admit she's powerless to change her perfect sister, and accept that her life really, really sucks. OK, maybe that's two steps in one

Step 4:

Make a list of her good qualities besides great hair. There have got to be at least three good qualitIes right?

Step 7:

Demand attention for more than just her shortcomings, and break out of her shell. Easier said that done, but worth the effort in the long-run When a stolen kiss from her crush ends in disaster, Andi finds that her prince isn't as charming as she'd hoped and realizes she may need a new program--perhaps with less steps As cracks in Laina's flawless fa├žade begin to show, the sisters work together to find a spotlight big enough for both to shine.

About the Author As the second of eight children and the mother of four, Veronica Bartles is no stranger to the ups and downs of sibling relationships. (She was sandwiched between the gorgeous-and insanely-popular older sister and the too-adorable-for-words younger sister. She uses this insight to write stories about siblings who mostly love each other, even while they're driving one another crazy.   When she isn't writing or getting lost in the pages of her newest favorite book Veronica enjoys knitting fabulous bags and jewelry out of recycled plastic bags and old VHS tapes, sky diving(though she hasn't actually tried that yet).

and inventing the world's most delectable cookie recipes TWELVE STEPS is Veronica Bartles's first

novel Author Links

AuthorVeronicaBartles Cover

Reveal Organized by

YA Bound Book Tours

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"Writing A Story Plot"

"How To Write A Story Plot"

The core of any work of fiction is its plot, whether it's a novel-length book or a short story of only a few pages. Outlining the plot beforehand can help immensely with your writing, since it will let you see exactly what you have planned so that you can flesh the story out from there.

You can include secondary and minor characters if you wish, but only the main characters are essential when you're working on the plot (since these are the characters that will be moving the plot along or who will be otherwise affected by it.

Make notes of the major plot points of your story and which of your main characters will be involved in them. This doesn't have to be everything that happens in the story; you're only looking for the major events and the climax at this point. Further plot details will be filled in later.

Add secondary plot points to your list, indicating which major plot points they occur between or contribute to. Your list of secondary plot points will most likely be longer than your list of major plot points, since small plot points occur more often and are either the cause of or are caused by the major points. Include the introduction of new characters that are important to the plot in this list if they aren't introduced during major plot points.

Put plot points that are important to the details of the story on the list as well, even if they aren't very important to the story as a whole These points should include anything that helps to set the scene as well as the basics of the opening and ending of the story.

Organize your list in the order that the plot points will appear in the story. This will give you a rough chronological view of what the story will look like plot-wise, as wel as the characters that will be involved in each point of the plot From here you will have an easy reference as to what happens next in the story and who will be involved in it, making the actual writing of the story much easier.

Tips & Warnings

If your story features two or more plot lines that weave in and out of the story's focus make plot outlines for each Include details that may not make it in to the final story to make each plot line richer giving a sense that events are still happening even when the story isn't focusing on each plot.

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"Picking Characters For Your Book"

How to Pick a Character's Name When Writing a Book

By Andrew Wolter,

Picking the right names for the characters in your novel is just as important as the other elements of your book, including plot, structure and viewpoint. Names make impressions Choosing a good name for your character allows your audience to identify with your creation and is one of the deciding factors in successful characterization of a novel. With thousands of names available. it's important to pick the right name to bring your character to life.

Steps Step 1 of 6

Identify the genre of your book Knowing the category of fiction you're writing impacts the name of your character. For example, you wouldn't use the name "Igor" as your hero in a romance novel However, it's a perfect fit for a scary tale.

Step 2 of 6

Base your character name on the era in which your book is set. If your book takes place during the Victorian era, "Percy" is an appropriate name, while it is not a
Not a good fit for a modern hero.

Step 3 of 6

Know your character. Create an outline of your character's background. Include key information that relates to the character's financial upbringing ethnicity and defining traits. For example, you wouldn't name your character "Valencia" if she was born to a poor, family in the Deep South of the U.S.

Step 4 of 6

Acknowledge your character's likes dislikes, strengths and weaknesses This helps in understanding a character's attitude and outlook on

Step 5 of 6

Research the etymology of your character's name, and understand the meaning of the name to which you will be giving to your character Since the name "Crystal" means brilliant, clear thought in French, it would be a good fit for your character if she seeks logical resolutions under duress.

Step 6 of 6

Choose a name that allows a nickname for your character. This allows the reader to identify with your character as a real person Perhaps a child named "Susan" likes pastries and is referred to by her father as " Suzy Q".

Book Launch Party Ideas

"Book Launch Patry Ideas For Your Book"

After the long hours have been put in completing the manuscript of your book and it is ready to be released to the public, you may choose to host an officia book launch to celebrate the newly published work and give the title some initial exposure. This is an excellent way to give them a chance Consider some of these ideas to help make your book launch event a success.

Be Realistic

Be realistic about planning the event. If you are a best selling author, then the expense of this kind of launch party is probably not a concern. However, for the rest of us money is something that needs to be carefully considered. Think about how many immediate sales your launch is likely to produce and figure that into the launch plan. Don't spend thousands on three course dinner service, entertainment and a grand ballroom if you are only likely to sel a thousand dollars worth of books at the event. Instead, opt for a home launch party or inquire about using a small public space that can be rented for a nominal fee. A loca bookstore may also be an option. Have appetizers that are inexpensive to prepare instead of a full meal.

Social Network Saturation

With the popularity of social networking skyrocketing, it is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of spreading the word about your book launch. Make sure you have informed those people you are connected with on these online social sites and create a page for your book with information about the title, the cover art and reminders about the launch and where the book can be purchased. In many instances, it is simple to link the page directly to an online source for purchasing the book.

Inform the Media

Don't forget to inform the local media about your launch. Visit radio stations in the area with information about the book in hopes of scoring a promotional interview. Send the information to the editors in charge of the entertainment or books page of the loca newspapers. Find out the names of the people who can help you promote the book through the media and be sure they get a personal invitation to the launch event.

Be Prepared to Talk

In the confusion of trying to organize the perfect launch party, don't forget to prepare yourself to speak at the event. People wil want to hear you say a few words about the book. Be ready to talk about the topic of the book, where your inspiration came from and perhaps even read a few pages from a particularly meaningful section.

Sign it and Sell

it Even if you don't want to ask people to buy your book personally, you should have someone do it for you. Have someone introduce you when you give your speech and then have them take the microphone again at the end of your talk and remind people that they can pick up a copy of the book and it will be signed by the author.

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"How To Write A Book Blurb"

Book blurbs--the short quotes on the back of a book--provide slight hints of what is inside the cover. The writers of book blurbs are often staffers for magazines or publishers. Their combined usual standards for crafting the prominent back-cover material.

Step 1 of 5

Keep it short. Book blurbs are generally not more than 3 or 4 lines and can be as short as 7 to 10 words. One popular format is to omit the subject and only write a description in several words, such as "A wild Dionysian romp--a great read!"

Step 2 of 5

Use extreme action verbs. Providers of book blurbs like to promote literature with adjectives like"sizzling", "crackling" or"shattering." Then there's the ever popular "spine-tingling" used for thrillers and supernatural fiction.

Step 3 of 5

Make author comparisons. New authors are generally compared to more established ones. These comparisons can be made in a second or third sentence that compliments the original style assessment.

Step 4 of 5

Describe the journey. Formulas like"The author takes us through..." or"(Author) introduces the reader to..." are often used to set the stage giving the reader a preview of the setting or plot.

Step 5 of 5

End with a bang. Those who are enthusiastic about promoting a book will often include a repeated recommendation at the end such as a must read.

Tips and Warnings

By all means avoid spoilers or going too far into plot events Although book blurbs will sometimes include the brief description mentioned above, there is a line that should not be crossed between outlining general plot/setting and divulging things that the reader should have to figure out for themselves.

Many times, a book blurb will set up the "general problem" of a plot and then ask a question that the reader will answer in the course of completing the book.

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Holiday Specials

Books & Chocolates will be running Holiday Specials on Author interviews, cover reveals, Author Spotlights and Excerpt Teasers.

Contact us @

Cover Reveals $ 15

Excerpt Teasers $15

Author Interview $10

Author Spotlights $15

Book your date now. Special ends 12/23/2013. Each special runs a week.

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"Taken" Blog Tour w/ Author Felicia Starr

  Author Interview With Felicia Starr

- o How long have you been writing?-

 It depends on what you consider writing. I have been writing poetry and journaling for as long as I can remember. I still have the first book wrote in elementary school. It was a tall tale about a character named Abe Washington. I have always talked about writing a book with one of my closest girl friends, probably since we were around thirteen. Life never really worked out that we ever found the time to make that a reality.

- o What inspired you to become a writer?-

 I would have to answer this question more as what inspired me to become a novelist, because a writer have always been. I did not grow up with the technology that kids are exposed to these days. All the books read were in print up until about two years ago. My husband bought me a Kindle three years ago, it took me almost a year to turn it on.Of course the first thing I read on it was the Hunger Games. I didn't know what to read next. Some how I stumbled on Dannika Dark's book Sterling. I loved it! I was addicted to my kindle and for the first time looked up celebrity on social media. From there and after some very motivating email from her and author Amber Lynn Natusch decided to be true to something I always wanted to do-

o What was your first written work?-

 Well, my fist documented written work is my tall tale I mentioned earlier. My first published book is Taken(Breaking the Darkness #1) published November11,2013-

o How do you come up with your characters?

-  My characters kind of come up with themselves. I draw inspiration from all different places. Sometimes one word in a song or the person on line next to me can spark a character and their personal story

- o Why did you choose to write in your genre?

-  I am not completely sure what my genre is. I think that it rides the lines of several genres. I love most things that are paranormal, fantasy and scifi. I always have. When I was a child and home from school sick loved to watch re-runs of I Dream of Trek fan, of course my favorite was because of my age was Star Trek the Next Generation. I will give most books and shows in the sci-fi/paranorma realm a chance. I do draw the line giant ice spiders-  The funny thing about the genres that I write in is that is that it leaves me with an expectation of the paranormal or supernatural element in everything I read. I forget that not everyone writes or thinks that way- o

As a writer, what have been your three main struggles?-

 *One of the things I have struggles with the most is finding time to write. I am always trying to find different ways to schedule time to get what is in my head on paper-  *Another thing I need to work on as a writer is finding some way of cataloging my characters and their traits so I can easily reference them and make sure that I don't mix them up-  *The third thing I struggle with is finding the right person to bounce ideas off of for my characters. have tried one critique group, but it wasn't for me. I hope to one day find a writing buddy that I can be in sync with for sharing ideas and working out any plot hole we might have in our stories- o

What have been your three inspirations?-

 *There are a hand full of indie authors that have and do inspire me on a daily basis. I do try to remember not to compare myself to any of them because we all walk a different path of course they all have more experience than I do. I try to learn what I can by seeing what works for them-  *One of the biggest inspirations is having someone believe in me and my writing. My sister and husband were of course supportive, but my cousin Amy has been a huge factor in inspiring me to keep pushing my writing and my career as an author-  *The third thing that inspires me is yoga. The teachings of my guru and those that came before him influence everything I do-

o As a writer, how do you deal with negative reviews?-

 So far I have not really had any "bad" reviews. I am sure that it will hurt when they come, and I know they will come. I have never seen a book without bad reviews. I see people give books that I have given a five start to a one. We all come from different places with different views and preferences. We can't all like the same thing, I know that my book(s) won't be everyones cup of tea- o

What new projects are you working on? Do write full time?-

 I am working on a few different projects. I am currently writing book two in the Breaking the Darkness series The book is about half way through the first draft. I also have another series of stand alone paranorma romance's with some steamy high heat content. The first book is written and expected to release early 2014. also have a short story written for the Breaking the Darkness that will be 1.5 in the series. I hope to have it ready to release before spring 2014- o

How did you come up with the concept for your latest work?-

 The concept for Taken developed as wrote it. I did not plan or outline. The core spark was inspired by a question I was left unanswered from a book that I read. My book does not have anything to do with that book, but the one question about a charter is something that readers will be trying to figure out.
- o What advice would you give other aspiring writers?-  Don't give up. Some people start multiple project and never make the commitment to finish one book. Just remember you cannot go back and edit what you don't have written. Keep writing and don't be afraid to ask other authors for help. There may be some that are not interested in taking the time but most will. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by some amazing authors. I talk a little bit about them in my acknowledgements in the back of Taken-

o What are some things your readers do not know about you?

-  There is so much that readers don't know about me. I am not sure where I would even start. I love my coffee. I love all things coffee. prefer Dunkin Donuts to Starbuck but have my favorite drinks at both. I go through a jar of Hershey's caramel syrup a week-

o Leave our readers with some last words. In addition, can we contact you?-  I am so excited that people are starting to read and enjoy my book That is of course the ultimate goal, to put out a product that is entertaining and leaves the reader.
wanting more. Knowing that readers want more is a huge motivator. Of course want to hear from you. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and my website. You can message me through any of those outlets.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Check Your Facebook & Twitter Friends List"

Publishing your book can be one of the most exciting times for you, as a writer. Now you are ready to get on the social networks and promote your book. This can prove to be a good move or a not so good move. When using Facebook & Twitter to promote your books; I thinks its a good idea to check your friends list and see who it is that you are promoting it too.
"Is it avid readers?
"Is it other authors?"
When you have your timeline filled with hundreds of book promoting, its kind of hard to sell your book to other fellow authors. I am not saying that it can not be done, but we need to target avid readers and supporters.
Join some book club groups, online book discussion groups and do some giveaways. I found that its best to think outside the box.
Think about going to some festivals, fairs, and doing some street promotion. Always remember word of mouth is always a great way to gain sells and followers.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Author Donneil Jackson.........."Writing Was My Passion"

                                                   "Writing Was My Passion"

On my website, I say I write because it's an escape. Truth be told, it is. The moment my fingers began clicking against the buttons on my keyboard, or the moment my hand gripped a pen and the words begin to flow fluently on the pages of my notebook.  Donneil D. Jackson has left reality headed straight for La La Land. When I was younger, this used to fun. Escaping was something I looked forward to doing each day. These days-not so much.

There is a scene in the movie, Love and Basketball where Q asks Monica why she stopped playing ball. She told him he it wasn't fun anymore and to leave it alone when he continued to probe. This is how I feel about my current state of writing. Writing is something I have loved forever. Yet it no longer fun.

As quickly as I published my first novel, Chante's Song, my love for writing changed. It was no longer an escape, it was a job. Well let me correct that, writing was the easy part. It was still an escape. Yet, it's all the things that come afterwards that spoiled my milk. Producing a book is simple, writing, editing, and printing copies of your masterpiece. It is everything else that follows, the publishing business that I didn't and still don't like. It had me questioning if this business was for me, and also contemplating giving it up writing. There's so much to publishing.

You have to know who your audience is. I thought I knew but its 5 years later and I just now really understanding who my audience is. You have to know how to reach said audience. And that process is a forever changing process.  You have to market your works to your audience. Facebook and Twitter are not the only outlets you should be using. Arranging book signings are no longer effective, you have to create an event. If you don't know effective ways to target your audience then you have to pay someone to learn, or do it for you. So now the hobby that you loved so much becomes even more expensive.

This brings me back to the line from Love and Basketball. In the end, Monica tells Q she quit basketball because it nolonger fun. Something was missing. And that's exactly how I feel. I battle with it every day. I want to write. I enjoy it. I love receiving feedback from readers. I love observing their reactions while reading and then they ask that famous question, "When is your next book coming out?" This question from my readers is what motivates me. It is this question that is slowly bringing the fun back to writing. It's the anticipation of the readers that is fueling my passion at the moment. I want to get back to that fun place. I always said as long as readers will read I will write. I am going to stand by that sentence and write

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Virtual Blog Tour,Winter Swan with Danica Winters


A curse that forbids her to love…A child that he must keep secret…An attack on the culture she holds dear…And a battle that could get them killed… Single dad and professional poker player Chance Landon, hates the world after his ex-wife is found dead in a cheap apartment in rural Idaho On a lone-wolf crusade to find the killer, he instead learns that he is the father of a strange little girl who carries secrets that only a woman like his ex-wife can answer When his ex-wife's killer learns about his daughter's abilities and decides to come after the young girl, Chance enlists the help of the beautifu and deadly swan-shifting nymph, Harper Cygnini nymph, Harper Cygnini who helps to teach him the truth of his daughter's condition Chance soon realizes that he alone can't save his daughter from the sadistic killer and he finds himself in a battle between his head and his heart. Will Chance gamble on a future that involves falling in love— which may wel cost him his life— or is that one bet his is unwilling to take?


Winter Swan is the third book in the Nymph Series. "Where do I begin?" Although, I've only read Winter Swans I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much I really enjoyed reading this book. I say that because I don't usually read paranormal books; that has changed. Let me say I didn't go into this review process with negative thoughts, but an openess to read in another genre. So, to start this review, I must say for starters I loved Winter Swans book cover. It was just breath taking. There was a peaceful beauty about it.(elegance).
This was a sweet and suspenseful love story about two people; Chance & Harper.
Harper a cursed nymph swan shifter who life has been cursed to live out her days alone, and Chance, a drifting poker player. Meeting Chance opens a whole new world for Harper, with reservations. Chance feels the instant chemistry between them as well, but for his own reasons, remains skeptical. Their were characters named in this book from the two previous books to this series that I couldn't relate to, but it was still an easy read to follow.
What really made the story even more interesting was the mysterious woman that approached Harper asking her to find a man for her and then she just disappears. Once the man is located, Chance goes along with Harper to tell the woman and they find her murdered, and its Chance ex, and he finds out he has a child he never knew about. Wow! Crazy and nail biting. Danica Winters really put her skills to work in this book. The characters were well developed, and you could feel the emotions from each of them. This was a sexy and fun romance. I have been converted. Grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and curl up with this read. Well done Danica Winters. I would gladly recommend this book and give it 4**** chocolate stars, but please read the first two books first.

Please note that I received this novel free from the author in exchange for a honest review!


Danica Winters is a bestselling author who is known for writing award-winning books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and often a touch of magic. She is also the Marketing and Promotions Manager for Books To Go Now publishing. When she's not working she can be found in the wilds of Montana working on her patience while she tries to understand the allure of various crafts (quilting, pottery, and painting are not her thing).  She always believes the cup is neither half full nor half empty, but filled with wine.



Winter Swans Blog Tour Schedule

November 16th – November 29

November 16th – Kelly at Kelly P's Blog – Character Interview

November 16th – Gloria at Globug and Hootie Need A Book – Review

November 17th – Cremona at Mythical Books – Author/Character Interview

November 17th – Jessica at Jess Resides Here – Character Interview

November 17th – Joana at Alwaysjoart – Review/Playlist

November 18th – Chemistry at Author Chemistry – Review+ CI

November 18th – Jessica Our New Generation for Reading – Review

November 19th – Renee at Reading Renee Reviews – Review

November 19th – Laurie at Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews – Character Interview

November 19th – Pam at Unconventional Librarian – Playlist

November 22nd – Stephanie Stephanie's Bookshelf Review/Promo

November 22nd – Beth at Curling up with a Good Book – Interview

November 27th – Megan at Amethyst Daydreams – Top Ten List

November 29th – Michelle at Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews – Review








Interview Questions

1. How long have you been writing?

Sometimes it feels like I have been writing forever. However, I have been writing professionally for the last five years. I started in children's fiction then moved into magazines before finding a home in the world of romance.

2.What inspired you to become a writer?

I love to read. I love to entertain people. It didn't take long for me to realize that the best way to reach people's hearts was through the written word.

3.What was your first written work?

That's a tough question. It seems like I have been writing forever. However, my first romance novel was a book called, Curse of the Wolf. Before that, I actually won a publishing contract with BTGN for a short story called A Christmas Miracle which subsequently hit the bestsellers list.

4. How do you come up with your characters?

It depends on the book. With Winter Swans, it was a continuation of the series and the question "What if?" It seemed natural to step into the point of view of Jenna's sister. As for Chance, he was the perfect counterbalance for her personality. I suppose at the basic level, I'm always looking to create two characters that balance. I like to use the characters to create situations in which they must step out of their comfort zone, or identity, in order to succeed.

5.Why did you choose to write in your genre?

I loved reading romance, but more than that, I love the promise of a happy ending. Life can be hard; books should be there to entertain.

6. As a writer, what have been your three main struggles?

I'm still learning how to handle being bullied. When you become an author you are a public figure. Not everyone loves romance, shape shifters, or being kind. It's tough to be personally attacked for a work of fiction that you have spent thousands of hours pouring your soul into. I look forward to the day when I can truly be immune to the nastiness of strangers. I always tell new authors that you must be thick-skinned to continue on in this industry, but the truth is that regardless of the length of time you've been writing, or the name on your books (from Stephen King to Shel Silverstein) you will encounter someone who enjoys being cruel.  It's a constant battle to stay positive.

My other struggles? Keeping my bum in the chair (especially in the summer). It's too easy to want to go play outside!

Lastly, I am trying to become a plotter (meaning that I know the entire story before I begin writing). This is not as easy as you think!

7. What have been your three inspirations?

Oh, great question. I wrote Charlaine Harris forever ago and she was kind enough to respond. It was the only fan letter I have ever written and I was shocked that she would take the time to write back. From that day, I worked my tail off to get published. Now, I make sure to write my fans back. Every Sunday I hand-write letters to fans. It's a fun ritual.

8. As a writer, how do you deal with negative reviews?

I touched on this, but when I get negative reviews, I try to take what I can from the review. I have learned that there are two kinds of negative reviews, the critique and the slam. From a critique you can learn, from a slam you must stop yourself from reeling. Luckily, I haven't gotten a great deal of slams, but I'm just like every author and do have a few under my belt. When I receive these I walk away and do things that center me. Often that means going hiking. I reside in Montana and it is hard to walk outside and not think you] may be living in heaven.

9. What new projects are you working on? And do you write full time?

I am working on several projects. On the top of my to-do list is the next book in the nymph series, Savannah Sacrifice. This book is slated to be released June 6, 2014. I'm also working on a contemporary romance project. 

10. How did you come up with the concept for your latest work?

Winter Swans was a continuation of the previous book Montana Mustangs, but when I started writing, I wanted to create a different experience than most romances so I included the sporting aspect of poker.  Without giving any spoilers, I wanted each character to be forced to take a deal with their own personal devil.

11. What advice would you give other aspiring writers?

Aside from being thick-skinned, I would tell new authors to write every day. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be a lot, but if you continue each and every day it is amazing how much you can accomplish.

12. What are some things your readers do not know about you.

I'm a Leo a.k.a. Ms. Stubborn-pants. This may be one of the reasons I've been so determined in my writing journey.

I'm addicted to coffee.

My other name is Mom.

My favorite color is red.

My latest release (even after Winter Swans) is an anthology called Christmas Romance. It has been on the Bestsellers List since a week after its release on November 1. My short story, Christmas Wishes, was selected as one of four of the best short romances of the year for BTGN Publishing. I couldn't be happier.

13. Leave our readers with some last words and how to contact you?

I want to say thank you to my readers. Without your kind words and love of my books, I would not being doing what I am today. I love bringing joy to your lives thank you for allowing me the honor of doing so.

As for contacting me, I am very active on Facebook (did I mention I have a Candy Crush addiction?) and Twitter. Please feel free to contact me regarding questions, comments, or just to send me pictures of hot men!

Happy Reading-

Danica Winters






Saturday, November 16, 2013

Praying God's Word By Author Beth Moore

"Praying God's Word" by Author and Evangelist Beth Moore, is a powerful and spiritual book. This book teaches us how to overcome the strongholds in our life. Idoltary, Unbelief, Depression, Anger,Pride and many more that halt our spiritual growth in God. Once I got this book and starting reading it, I couldn't put it down. So many of these strongholds I could relate to. This book gives you the scriptures, prayer and tools to head down the road to victory. This book is a must read. If you are dealing with addiction and strongholds, then pray and read this book, along with the Holy Bible. 5***** star read, without a doubt.

About Beth Moore:
Beth Moore was born on June 16, 1957, on a Army base in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is an American author, evangelist, mother and wife. She now resides in Houston, Texas, along with her husband and two daughters. Beth Moore is the founder of Living Proof Ministries, a Bible based organization for women. The ministry focuses on aiding women who desire to model their lives on evangelical Christian principles.

Upcoming Winter Swans Virtual Blog Tour Stop with Danica Winters

Join us here on Books & Chocolate: on November 18, 2013 with an interview & book review with Author Danica Winters. With her third book to a series, Winters Swan.

Friday, November 15, 2013

How Do I Handle A Not So Nice Book Review

"How do you handle a not so nice book review?"
When choosing a genre to write in, we have to know and realize that not everyone is going to approve or like what we write. You may find some that love your written work, and others that do not.
A not so nice book review does not mean its the end of the world, or that your writing career is over. Some people read books just to find errors and flaws; some read because they are genuinely interested in your book.
Now what? You take the not so nice review and keep your head up.
You can take constructive criticism and apply it. Take the negative and keep it moving.
Also, when sending your book out for review always know what genre the reviewer reads in.
Continue to write, smile, laugh and keep striving for excellence.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's to all that served our country. Salute our fallen heroes!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wifey Extraordinaire By KiKi Swinson

Wifey Extraordinaire by KiKi Swinson.
What can I say about this book; its truly filled with backstabbing, betrayal, greed and pain. Two friends deciding to exchange wives for 7 days, in hopes of winning $10,000 dollars, from the reality show "Trading Wives".A huge mistake that turned out to be. Trice O'neal, married to Troy, and Charlene, married to Leon. Marriages and friendships truly being tested and pushed to the limit. Lives are shattered, lives changed and blood shed. Wow! A truly gripping and action packed read.

5 chocolate stars *****

The Pastor's Wife...By Jennifer AILee

The Pastor's Wife is about Maura Sullivan, a woman who think she has found the man of her dreams, Nick Shepherd.  Nick was soon to become a pastor and Maura thought she knew how life would be, until she finds out that she is not the love of Nick's life, but his church congregation. Maura starts to feel unloved and unimportant and she decides to leave; her husband and the small town of Granger, Ohio. Six years later she is forced to come back to the very place she ran so far from. Forced to face Nick, towns people, her friend Rachel and the secrets she has kept.

Find more info on Author Jennifer AILee @

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Book Launch Party Ideas For Indie Authors

It's Party Time! Book Launch Parties for Indie Authors         
By Joel Friedlander

We don't often talk about one very important part of self-publishing: it can be a lot of fun!


Maybe it doesn't feel that way when you're trying to figure out which ISBN option to choose, or how to hire a cover designer, or which font would really be the best for your book. But if you like the book creation process, you might also enjoy all those little decisions and the many chances to be creative that it opens to you.


One of the more institutionalized ways to have a good time in book publishing is with a book launch party. Sometimes authors plan parties because they want to celebrate, and there's nothing wrong with that. But a book launch party can be a great way to give your marketing a push, too.


After all, a lot of books take years to write and months to edit, design, lay out, proofread, and set up for publication. When your book is finally published, it's the end of a long, sometimes arduous journey.


Do you need a book launch party? Well, it's difficult to say you really need one. Although it can be a great promotional activity, a big party can put your budget into a hole so deep it will never recover. However, there are ways to host launch parties on a budget.



So if you're thinking about a book launch party, here are some tips that will help you decide whether or not to go ahead with one and, if you do, some things to look out for.


But First, A Decision


Before you can start planning your book launch party, you'll need to decide whether you're throwing this party to congratulate yourself and share your joy with friends and family, or whether it's mostly intended to be a chance to promote your book.


There's nothing wrong with throwing yourself a party. Hey, knock yourself out, invite the neighbors and anyone else you like. A book launch party also can be a great way to say "thank you" to people who have played a significant role in getting your book to market.


But if the party is part of your overall book launch strategy, you'll want to focus mostly on what's going to help get news about your book out to the people you really want to reach. The tips that follow are aimed at these sorts of parties that are meant to promote books.


Tips for Authors Thinking About Book Launch Parties


  • Make a budget. How much are you willing to "invest" in this one promotional event? Expenses for live events can easily get out of hand as unexpected wrinkles arise. Compare what you're willing to spend to other possibilities. For instance, to hire someone to write a professional press release and have it electronically delivered costs about $200-300. Will that accomplish more with the resources you have than throwing a launch party?

  • Find a venue. Hold your party in a retail environment if at all possible. Bookstores and other retailers will be happy if you can bring in a lot of people to their store, and they usually will handle the sales. They will probably sell your books on consignment (no payment unless books sell) and will require a minimum 40% discount from the retail price. Another good strategy is to locate a retailer with some connection to your book. For instance, for the launch of a book about moving to Spain, an author had her launch party at a Spanish tapas bar with authentic foods and beverages mentioned in her book. For a hiking, bicycling, or trailwalking book, try the local recreational equipment store. And you don't have to be limited to retail spaces, either. A book launch that's more of a celebration can be hosted at a private home. And some people have taken their launch parties outdoors; with a permit from the local authorities and some good weather, you could have your launch party at a park.

  • Plan your space. If your party is in a store, you will probably be supplied with a table but don't count on anything else. You'll need to provide some appropriate decorations and don't forget any bookmarks or other "freebies." If you're having your party at a retailer that's not a bookstore, you may have to help the store with planning for tables to sign books and other details.


  • Get the word out. If you're working with a retailer for your launch, ask about promotion. For instance, they may be able to include you in mailings or email newsletters about in-store events. Or they might allow you to put a flyer up in the store a couple of weeks before the event.

  • Keep people entertained. You've gone to a lot of trouble and expense to set up your party and get people there. What are you going to do next? Instead of planning one long reading, why not create a shorter event you can repeat over the course of 3 or 4 hours? If you can, include appropriate music and visuals for entertainment. A slide show or book trailer running on a laptop can capture the attention of browsers who will want to know more about your book.

  • Make sure you have books. Yes, there's nothing worse than planning a party, then realizing you can't get printed books in time. Work backwards from your party date and plan to have the physical books on hand at least a week beforehand, just to be safe.

  • Use the media. Let local media know about your book launch party and invite them to come around to join the festivities. At larger media outlets, look for writers or editors whose subject specialties correspond to your book topic and notify them.

  • Build your crowd. Don't forget to invite your friends, family, co-workers, writing group, and social media contacts. More people equals more excitement, and that's what a party is all about.

  • Take pictures. Ask a friend to take pictures and make sure to get some shots of you signing books, talking to readers, and speaking. If you have any "notables" attending, get a shot of the two of you together. These will come in handy for your promotional efforts.

  • How to sign. If you've never autographed books before, spend some time thinking about what you'll write. Many authors use a few stock phrases which can be helpful when the autographing line is long. Many people like their name included, too, so make sure to ask for the correct spelling. I've often used the phrase, "Good luck on your publishing journey," which fits with the subject of my books.

  • Prizes and giveaways. Who doesn't like them? Having a drawing for a free book or a prize themed to your subject will be popular. And if you repeat your reading a couple of times, go ahead and have a couple of drawings to keep people interested.

  • Gather addresses. Here's my last tip, and it's one of the most important. You want to stay in touch with people you spend time with at your launch party. Make sure you have a way to capture each attendee's email address, whether it's a sign-up sheet, a bowl for business cards, or a laptop or tablet where people can opt into your mailing list on the spot.


Planning and executing a book launch party is quite a bit of work, but it can pay off. You'll establish good relations with the venue, with media contacts, and with attendees. You'll make sales and add to your email list, too.


And listen, you worked long and hard to get to this point. Throwing yourself a party - and getting all the benefits - is a great way to celebrate.


This article was written exclusively for CreateSpace by Joel Friedlander. Joel is a paid contributor and the proprietor of Marin Bookworks in San Rafael, California, a publishing services company where he's helped launch many self-published authors. He blogs about book design, writing and self-publishing at Joel is also the author of the newly-published A Self-Publisher's Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish

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A Good Girl's Guide To Murder

Author Susan McBride is the author of The Good Girl's Guide To Murder. She wrote Blue Blood. In addition to writing her acclaimed first Debutante Dropout mystery, Blue Blood, she is the author of three novels in her Maggie Ryans series. McBride is also the founder of The Deadly Divas, a group of sassy scribes, who tours the country.


The Good Girl's Guide To Murder, was a good mystery. It was fun and entertaining. This is a fairly older book, but it was worth the read. Andrea Kendricks was a a successful website designer who was high society. Her momma was a sneaky and under handed woman that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Attending a Dallas tv studio launch party proves to be a lot more that just a party, when a dead body is discovered. Andrea finds herself in a world wind of situations. I really like this book, makes me want to read her previous work. The characters were entertaining and believable. I felt humor and dislike of some of the characters. I turned page after page wanting more. If you love humor, mystery and alluring characters, then read the Good Girl's Guide To Murder.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Why Are Book Covers So Important

Book covers are a huge part of getting a potential readers attention. If a book cover is appealing, it is more likely to gain interest. A book cover should portray what the book is about, in some way. For example, you wouldn't put a murder scene on a book about humor. When choosing a book cover for your written novel it should pleasing to the eye. Boring looking book covers makes a potential reader feel the book may be boring and uninteresting.
So always remember to take pride in your book cover as you would your novel.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to Use Google Plus For Busines..By Nikki Woods

Google-PlusThere are a variety of words marketers and advertisers use to describe something that’s new and improved.  In fact, golden, fresh, real, premier and extra are just a few of them.  Smart consumers are on to these words, so when companies claim their products are offering something bigger or better, they hold them to it.
Google introduced Google+ in the spring of 2013 and so far, it is living up to its name with such extras and Hangouts, Circles, Sparks and more things to truly distinguish itself from its predecessor.  Combining Search Engine Optimization and a social media site has proven to be a success.  It’s an excellent tool for increasing your Global Visibility since it offers innovative ways to connect you with more people. If you haven’t had a chance to test out the bells and whistles her are 8 tips for using Google + to freshen up your business.
#1 – Link your other social networks with your Google+ account.
With Google+, you can add a +1 icon on a post at your Twitter or Facebook. Sharing your profile on popular networking sites helps you advertise your Google+ account and connect with fellow account holders.
#2 – Find associated groups and connect with them.
Having affiliated groups in Google+ will boost your connections with fellow businesses. It increases your ability to network with current and potential clients, competitors, suppliers and even investors. Using circles to segregate different segments of your tribe or network – customers, family and friends, investors, etc. – will make it easier to share valuable information based on the needs of your circle.
#3 – Complete your profile.
Adding your business’ tagline plus the products and services you provide to your Google+ profile is a great way to share what you and your company are about. Include your company’s official website, too, if you have one. If you don’t read my article on the importance anchoring your platform with your website or blog.  Also, be sure to use key words that will make your business easy to search.
#4 – Customize your profile.
If completing your profile is the cake, then customizing it is the icing.  Make it special by adding your personal flare but make sure it still appeals to the public. You also want to make sure that it is consistent with your other online properties so that you’re brand is easily recognizable.  Always include profile information that shares something about your business along with a cover photo. Remember, for people who don’t know you or your business it may be your one chance to make a great impression. Add the “About” section to provide other additional information.
#5 – Share posts at the best times possible.
According to Google’s statistics, the best time to post are between 11 am and 2pm then again from 7pm to 10pm. Google+ has a feature that calculates the frequency of your posts being visited at a specific time of the day. Use the data wisely to get the most out of the information you share.
#6 – Share videos
Google has connected with YouTube, making video sharing possible. It’s now an excellent medium for offering video tutorials, footage of company events, interaction with staff and employees, and other creative ways to let the world know what makes you and your company unique.
#7 – Have focus groups.
Focus groups are a way to expose specific groups to a certain products.  It allows you to get honest feed back and to connect with new audiences. This is a great way to find out whether or not your are proving your fans, followers and clients with the kind of information, services or products that they really want. With Google Hangouts, you can have a live group video chat, record it and use it in other areas of your business.
#8 – Balance your posts to reflect your some of your professional and personal life
Even you’re goal is to improve your business you are using social media to do it so don’t forget about the importance building relationships.  Too much selling is a turn off.  Always observe the 70/20/10 rule.  Your posts should break down like this: 70% value; 20% value from others; 10% promotional. Giving tons value to your social connections is key.
If your goal really is to increase your Global Visibility, continuing to find new ways to make your business pop with your customer base and prospective customers as well, should always be in the forefront of your marketing plan.
Google+ is one way to put a new shine on your business and that adds up to more customers and more money.

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