Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Check Your Facebook & Twitter Friends List"

Publishing your book can be one of the most exciting times for you, as a writer. Now you are ready to get on the social networks and promote your book. This can prove to be a good move or a not so good move. When using Facebook & Twitter to promote your books; I thinks its a good idea to check your friends list and see who it is that you are promoting it too.
"Is it avid readers?
"Is it other authors?"
When you have your timeline filled with hundreds of book promoting, its kind of hard to sell your book to other fellow authors. I am not saying that it can not be done, but we need to target avid readers and supporters.
Join some book club groups, online book discussion groups and do some giveaways. I found that its best to think outside the box.
Think about going to some festivals, fairs, and doing some street promotion. Always remember word of mouth is always a great way to gain sells and followers.

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