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I really loved the book cover. The holding of the hands seemed intimate. Very nice!

By Author Zoe Glez


“What, no last kiss for me?” I ask, my pout on full display. Mickey looks at me as if he suddenly remembers that this will probably be our last kiss until January and heads toward me Pulling me in his arms, he kisses me with such passion and need that it makes me weak in the knees“I could spend a whole eternity kissing you, my heaven,” he says breathlessly. “I love you, Laylah. You are my world, remember that.”“I love you too, Mickey,” I whisper to him Stretching up onto my tiptoes I hug the love of my life, wishing that we could stay like this forever.”

Sixty days; the length of a traditiona Puerto Rican Christmas, starting the day before thanksgiving and ending as soon as January 6th. That’s how long Laylah’s entire family will be visiting.

Laylah has been in love with her brother’s best friend, Mickey, since she was ten. Even at such a young age, she knew her love was true. At thirteen her family moved away, leaving her love and his beautiful dimpled smile behind. At eighteen, Laylah went off to California to attend college. At nineteen, Laylah returned home to her grandmother’s, broken and lost as to where her place in the world was.

Six years is how long it had been since Laylah and Mickey had seen each other; six years is how long it took for them to finally be together. Two years later, Mickey and Laylah are going strong. They have built a life together, a life they want to live forever One problem, only a few select people know that they are a couple, let alone living together. Now, the entire family is coming to stay for sixty days to celebrate the holidays after years apart.

Will this family be able to endure the next sixty days filled with secrets lies, and deceit that threatens to break them apart? Will Mickey and Laylah’s love be able to withstand the next sixty days? Join Laylah as she embarks on this journey of family, love and finding her true self.

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About The Author:

“I was abducted by aliens, I’m sure of it Otherwise there is no other way to explain all those voices that have suddenly come to my mind, begging me to tell their stories.”

Zoe Glez is an islander, as in she was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She currently attends the University of Puerto Rico, majoring in psychology Student by day and writer by night. She started writing when she was in high school; writing for her has always been a therapy and she loves it, as much as she loves her family and her two furry daughters. She’s obsessed with books, vampires, superheroes and music. During her free time she enjoys reading a good book or grabbing her DSLR camera and capture the great beauty mother nature provides us.

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Sixty Days Book Excerpt:

“Mickey?” I call as soon as I get home through the back door“In the living room, babe,” he calls back“Hey! I was thinking we should call John this week and set up a meeting with him or maybe just talk to him when we go back there. That is, if we are still sure about this. It’s a big step, kind of overwhelming, don’t ya think?” he says still looking at the TV.

“Yeah…that’s fine. Sure,” absentmindedly tell him My behavior catches his attention and he quickly turns toward me to see what’s up.

“What’s wrong?

Is it Mama? Is she okay, did she—

”“No, no. Mama is great. She’s more than great, actually. She’s wonderful She’s a rock,” I interrupt him mid sentence.

“Okay…so what is it that has my lovely lady in such a mood?” he asks signaling for me to sit on his lap I let out a deep breath.

This is home, he is my home, my safe haven and I’m afraid these days to come will destroy it“The whole family is coming for the holidays,” I whisper He kisses my cheek. “We can handle one day with them here.

We could tell them, if you’re ready to do so. If not, we can still wait until you fee comfortable with the idea of telling them.”“That’s the thing, Mickey. It won’t be just one day.

It will be for sixty days,” I say, feeling exasperated“What do you mean?” He’s confused now“Mama managed to pull off the whole Puerto Rican style Christmas thing she has always wanted to do. Starting from Thanksgiving ‘til mid-January they will all be staying here,”“So, we tell them. I know—”

“We can’t just tell them, Miguel,” I yel and stand up. Letting fear control my feelings“Then what, Laylah?

They will find out eventually, we have to tell them. We can’t just keep pretending there is nothing between us. It will kill us,” he yells back.

“I thought you said nothing could kill us,” I say in a small voice, reeling in my frayed emotions.

Author Guest Post:

Random Facts

1. It took a year to finish Sixty Days; almost gave up on writing it,for half of that year it just stood there in my laptop without me even touching it, until summer 2013 when finally I finished it.

2. I do most things with odd numbers.

3. I love being barefoot; putting on shoes can sometimes be an annoyance.

4. I am a vegetarian

5. One time a garden snake went inside our house and I kept it as a pet behind my mom’s back, until she found it and had my uncle kill it R.I.P. Lilo.

6. My biggest phobias are lizards and frogs.

7. I’m a huge Batman fan and have a small collection of Batman items.

8. I was told I shouldn’t publish Sixty Days because it was too long the person that told me so had only read 35 pages.

9. I like to take naps in order to clear my head and get a story straightor when my characters give me a head ache.

10. Laylah and Kevin had a younger sister when I began to write the story, as the story progressed she got cut out. Most of the scenes were divided between Arianna and Kevin others were completely deleted.

11. I rather write on paper first and then on computer (technology and don’t get along pretty well)

Guest Post:

After everything that had happened in the last few days, I was without a doubt looking forward to tonight. wanted to get Laylah out of that house for her good and mine. Luckily, Mom and Mama had arranged for us to have a night to ourselves and I wanted nothing more than to surprise my heaven The grin on my face as I was driving her couldn’t help it. Needless to say, I was nervous. Tonight our whole lives were about to change with the answer to one question.

“Ok, Dimps, what gives? You’re kind of freaking me out.”

“That has never been my intention, my heaven.” I quickly glance towards her, with a smile still on and reaching for her hand before looking back to the road. I wanted nothing more than to touch her. Her touch always makes the last two years of our relationship real I never saw myself indulging in this kind of happiness, but Laylah, she gave that to me. Sometimes is hard to believe she’s actually here. That she’s mine.

“Then, what is it?” she asks.

“Curiosity killed the cat, love,” I tease her.

“Speak up, or your sleeping in a different bed tonight,” she threatens. If you only knew, my heaven, if you only knew.

Managing to hold a chuckle, I say, “Not possible,”  while still looking at the road. She starts glaring at me. After a few seconds I decide I’ve had enough torturing her and finally spill the beans and tell her what’s going on. Well most of it. “Okay, okay. Your uncle doesn’t get in until tomorrow night. We are going to a hotel near the airport for some much needed alone time,” I admit.

And boy do we need it! I miss being inside of her. I miss every single inch of her body close to mine. My grin widens even more, I didn’t think it were possible. But today is the day of our longest dry spell in the history of our relationship comes to an end. I’ve been aching for her warm.

Today is the day that our lifetime together officially begins.

“Seriously? Luke’s not coming til tomorrow? Awww man! I really wanted to see him!” She whines.

“Are you for real? I tell you we have an entire night and day to ourselves and you whine because your uncle isn’t coming home tonight?” I ask, it comes out exasperated but I’m not. How can I be with such a lovely ange next to me?

“Oh! Don’t get me wrong, I’m most definitely excited to some one on one under the sheets time,” She says, my grin starting to infect her.

“There she is, there is the girl I felt in love with. What happened to her the other day while we were talking about this in the kitchen?” I ask.

“Shut up! You do not, DO NOT, ever talk about us having sex in front of my grandmother, my mother, and your mother. Never. Ever. Ever. Get it in your head, Vega!” I can’t help but to laugh at her outburst.

“You are so cute when you get al flustered and embarrassed,” I remark as move our joined hands to my mouth and kiss hers. I’m a lucky bastard.

“Whatever,” she gripes

“I love you, my heaven.” And I mean it with all my heart“

Right back at ya, Dimps. With all my being, never forget.” I’ll never will, my heaven. You saved me in more ways than you know.

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