Monday, March 22, 2010

"The Doors Of Retribution Opened"

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  When pushed, the doors of repercussion will be opened and retribution will be unleashed to the masses……….By society’s standard, Porsche Lattimore was well on her way to becoming a mover and shaker in the world of business. No one knew that behind her confident demeanor and designer labels, Porsche’s heart was broken almost beyond repair. If she had to choose a song that mirrored her life and depicted all that she had gone through, Love TKO would be the one that Porsche would select. Everyone that she ever loved was ripped, taken, or stolen from her life in the blink of an eye.
The years had made Porsche cold and callous. It all began when her so-called best friend, Simone, betrayed her by sleeping with her high school boyfriend. Then, Porsche’s father deserted the family and ran off with her mother’s best friend. Soon after, Porsche’s mother died of a broken heart.
Unexpectedly, Porsche meets the man of her dreams who brings her pleasure beyond compare. This causes memories of years past to resurface to the present. Porsche vowed to repay all those who had betrayed her. She soon finds herself crafting a master plan that would set the record straight and bring more than a few dirty deeds front and center, once and for all. Will Porsche forgive and forget or will she seek vengeance on the perpetrators she holds near and dear?
Chemistry nailed this tastefully penned erotic tale of what’s done in the dark will be revealed by the light. Sexual Repercussions is an alluring saga filled with passion, drama, and deception. Chemistry created strong characters with believable personalities that were evident throughout the story.
The Unique Reviewer
Unique Rating: 4 Chocolate Stars

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