Thursday, March 25, 2010

Authoress Ni"Cola Mitchell


Striving to establish a new flair to the term contemporary fiction, Ni’cola Mitchell entered the literary scene with one main objective: To Stimulate Your Mind, One Word at a Time. Through her independent publishing company NCM Publishing; Ni’cola published her debut novel entitled OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Much of her work revolves around situations that are a compulsive desire to see women over come challenges. Her next novel THE APPETIZER, when you’re not his main course will be released February 2010.

Ni'cola Mitchell is originally from Kingston, Jamaica. Currently she resides in North Las Vegas, Nevada with her two daughters, Destani and Diamond. She holds a Bachelors degree of Science in Business Management and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration in HealthCare Management.

Ni’cola is also a motivational speaker and consultant. Due to the fact that she is an outstanding representative of Las Vegas’ African-American community, she was selected to be featured in the second edition of Who’s Who in Black Las Vegas. Her novel Over and Over Again was also featured in the top ten by EDC Creations Recommended Reading List for the 2009 fall season under Mainstream Fiction and Women’s Fiction. She is also a member of the national touring group the Literary Sistah’s. When Ni'cola isn't writing, she loves to spend time with her family and volunteer as a mentor for youth activities.

1. Would please introduce yourself to our readers and where u are from?

My name is Ni’cola Mitchell and I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica. I am a single mother of two daughters Destani age 16 and Diamond age 11. I am the CEO of NCM Publishing, and a member of the national tour group The Literary Sistahs. I am currently in graduate school, pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management. I am also a head coach of a youth football league cheer team.

2. How long have you been writing?

I have been writing all my life. I started off poetry and short stories.

3.What inspired you to become a writer?

This journey started from a dare when I graduated from college. Every time I think about it, it makes me laugh because I am still shocked and thankful for how far that I have come.

4.What genre do you write in?

Contemporary Fiction

5.What is the title of your latest novel?

The Appetizer, When You’re Not His Main Course.

6. How did you come up with the name and characters?

The Appetizer is a story centering my three main characters Nia, Yazmin, and Monae. They are three friends that live in Los Angeles, California. My God daughter is Yasmin, hence the name. Nia is a spin off character from my first novel Over and Over Again, and I always liked the name Monae.

All my characters are people that we all know. I just took life experiences and situations, and created this novel that will make you think throughout the entire duration of the book.

7. Without giving away too much, what is this book about?

Nia, even though beautiful, has many self-esteem issues. She is poor trying to find a man that is typically in a relationship, because she believes that they can provide a better life for her three children.

Yazmin is pregnant with twin babies, and is engaged to Trey. She is caring and loving, and will do anything for anybody. She believes that she has the perfect life until one night she has a near death experience, which resulted in her finding out a secret that will change her life for ever.

Monae is career minded and very focused. She is one of those people that we all know who can pass judgment on everyone around her, but never finds fault in her own self.

This book is a behind the scenes story of the mistress, and how one falls into this role. This book also will also shed light on how in some instances, the mistress doesn't even have a clue that she is a mistress until it is too late. It has so many twist and turns and very unpredictable. It will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire ride.

8.What has been your struggles and motivation?

My motivation is my children. There is not one particular struggle that has challenged my road that everyone else in life hasn’t faced, I just remember that and keep it pushing. God only give you what you can bear.

9.What entity outside of family and friends has been your support?

I have a small group of authors and publishers that has been my support system outside of my family and friends. It is always good to surround yourself with like minded individuals that has your best interest in mind.

10.What would you tell other aspiring authors?

The only advice that I have is too never get comfortable. Stay hungry, focused, versatile, and grounded. Remember, whatever God has given you, he can easily take away.

11.How can they contact you?

12.What last word do you have for our readers?

To just stay tuned, because the best is yet too come…..

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