Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Abuse"......It's Not Going To Define Me!

"No One Cared" is my new upcoming novella, and this book is something I hold dear to my heart.

"Why did I write this type of book?"
Abuse, and bullying is so much alive in this world today. Behind the closed doors there is fear, torment and women and children being beaten down. They are afraid to tell someone, or the people that may know what is happening; just don't care. "How is it that I can speak upon these things?" Because I am a victim of abuse and domestic violence. I was dating a younger man, that would beat me for no reason, just because he could. I have been accused of cheating, and got beaten. I have had a gun held to my head for hours at a time. One day I managed to get away from that abusive relationship, to only end up in another. I thought this guy was different. He bought me nice things, paid all my bills, but yet he still was an abuser. One day I had just had enough; and would rather die than to keep being battered and bruised and sexually assaulted. I found my way out, through strength and God. Writing became my escape, my future, my voice and my life. See you can come up out these situations and have a normal life. Prayer, determination and people who care became my support. I want to take what I have learned to maybe be able to help someone else. So this book is the voice speaking for those who can not speak for themselves.

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